Twin tower demolition- what is the environmental and health impact, precautions to be

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by the order of the supreme court twin tower at Nooda was demolished on 28th August. It was the breaking news in all tv news channels. The entire nation was waiting for that particular moment to be the witness.

well, twin tower demolition was successfully done. But, the question is whether that was sufficient? Wouldn’t that make any environmental and health impact? Let’s talk about that.

on the pre-planned time the towers were broken done with proper planning. The entire area was covered up by dust clouds. A storm of dust perticle make the area almost invisible. The could of dust engulfed everything nearby.

Environmental Impact of Twin tower demolition

Usually, the people of delhi remain concerned about the pollution.

many times we observed the terrible condition of Delhi air. This demolition may make it worst. The local authority creates an exclusion area of 500 meter of radius around the area. No living beings are allowed to go inside this radius.

More than 80000 tones of dust and debris will move around this area. The dust cloud will be there for weeks. Even some environmental experts believe that during loading and unloading of this debris may cause serious dust cloud.

Twin Tower demolition caused Air pollution

The air pollution in winter season is the main concern of Delhi and Noida. Noida’s air quality is considered to be one of the bad air in India. The air quality index was 111 on 26th August and that is considered in the moderate range. But, it will increase by time.

Some environment experts says that the authority should have been more serious and preventive measures before this “operation dynamite”. Experts believe that birds human health can get much more effected. In next few days sudden death of birds could be observed in places.

In China, before this types of demolition, birds are fly away using few dummy blasts. The water sprinkling should be continued for new few days to weeks. Establishing some air ionization tower may suck the dust easily.

ministration is continuously running the water sprinkling to control the dust storm.

Health impact of Twin Tower demolition

In the 9/11 of USA, we heard that the fire safety workers who were doing the rescue operation got several health issues due to this flying particles.

People with lung diseases may get continous snizing and others health issues related to breathing.

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