Earthquake: Taiwan was struck by a devastating earthquake.

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On Sunday, a powerful earthquake jolted a large portion of Taiwan, toppling a three-story building and briefly trapping four people inside, stranding 400 tourists on a mountaintop, and jerking a portion of a passenger train off its tracks.

Taiwan’s Emergency Operations Center said that one person had passed away and nine others received minor injuries.

What was the Magnitude of the Earth Quake in Taiwan?

The magnitude 6.8 earthquake was the biggest of many that have shaken the island’s southeast coast since Saturday night when a 6.4 earthquake occurred in the same region. The majority of the damage looked to be located to the north of the epicentre, which according to Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau was in the town of Chishang at a depth of only 7 kilometres.

Level of Destruction by the Earth Quake

According to the island’s Central News Agency, a cement factory worker was killed in adjacent Yuli town after a three-story structure that housed apartments above a 7-11 convenience store on the ground floor collapsed. It took longer to reach a 39-year-old mother and her 5-year-old daughter than it did to save the building’s 70-year-old owner and his wife.

A picture of the girl, who was resting on a blanket and receiving a metal ladder from helmeted rescue workers wearing orange uniforms, was provided by the Hualien municipal government. The building’s top two storeys were left strewn across a narrow street and over onto the opposite side, with electricity cables being yanked down by the wreckage.

In Yuli, it was claimed that over 7,000 homes were without electricity and that water lines had been broken. At the Mount Carmel Presbyterian Church, bookcases and musical instruments toppled over, and a deep fissure appeared in the floor. Concrete slabs were broken up into the pavement outside. According to media reports, three persons and one or more automobiles may have gone from a bridge that collapsed on a two-lane road in what appeared to be a rural area of the same town.

How much Life Threatening the Earth Quake is?

The Central News Agency reported that a landslide trapped around 400 tourists on a mountain in Yuli that is well-known for the orange daylilies that cover its slopes this time of year. They had poor cellular service and no electricity.

According to the Central News Agency, which cited the railway administration, debris from a falling canopy on a platform at Dongli station in Fuli town, which is between Yuli and the epicentre at Chishang, hit a passing train and derailed six cars. All 20 passengers were unharmed.

The island’s capital, Taipei, towards the north end, felt the trembling. A guy was hurt when the ceiling of a sports centre collapsed on the fifth level in Taoyuan City, which is located 210 kilometres north of the epicentre and west of Taipei.

A tsunami warning was issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency for a number of southern Japanese islands close to Taiwan, but it was later withdrawn.

What is the magnitude of recent Taiwan Earth quake?

The magnitude of the earth quake was 6.8 rikhtar scale

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