Sonali Phogat death

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The mystery of Sonali Phogat death is becoming more complicated, and somehow it is pointing toward the unnatural end. In the initial days, when the news of Sonali Phogat death came to light, people were supposed to consider it the natural death of a heart attack. Now this mystery is taking a new turning point. The family members of Sonali claimed that the death was not normal, and now the situation is pointing toward their claims.

Now the question of how Sonali Phagat death happened is becoming more and more complex with exploring new points. Many new clues are coming out, as we found in different news channels and mainstream media. Are those clues pointing the case toward the theory of murder?

Post Mortem report for Sonali Phogat death- what police told about sonali phogat death?

The post-mortem report has already come; in that report, multiple blunt force injuries were found on her body.
Today, on 26th August, there is a press conference of Goa police. In this press conference, Mr. Omvir Singh, IGP Goa confirmed many

aspects of this Sonali phogats death. Police said that she was probably drunk
mixed with obnoxious substance. preliminarily it is thought that some synthetic drug was given to her. But, still, it is not known which particular drug was given to her.

In the post-mortem report it is mentioned that

“There are multiple blunt force injuries over the body. In view of the above, the manner of death is for the investigating officer to ascertain,”

Police said that two accused including the PA Sudhir are taken into the police custody and they accepted the eligation that some obnoxius chemical mixed into her drink .

There some mark of blunt end injuries found on her body as per the post mortem report. But, Mr. Omvir Sing said that those are very minor injuries and those injuries are not sufficient to someone’s death. he added that the accused explained those injuries came when they were lifting her in the bathroom.

Goa police registered the murder case for sonali phogat death under IPC 302. Two accused are arrested and they were taken for the custodial interrogation. within 24 hourse they will be produced into the court said by Mr Singh.

What sonali’s family said- sonali phogat death case

sonali phogats brother rinku dhaka objected that Sonali was raped and blackmailed. brother rinku dhaka had filed complaint against the two men PA Sudhir Sangwan and his friend Sukhwinder.

Sonali’s sister Remon Phogat in an interview to Zee News mentioned some remarkable point about sonali phogat death. She told that 22nd august Soanali talked to her mother mentioning about a conspiaracy against her. during that phone call sonali also mentioned that she is feeling some uneasiness after taking food. sonali doubted that some one is mixing something with her food.

When the Zee News anchor asked to Remon Phogat, sonali’s sister whether sonali’s health was good before going for this goa trip. she replied that Sonali was absulately in good health.

Family members of Sonali asked for the CBI investigation about Sonali Phogat death and they claimed a conspiracy of her murder.

Conclusion : Sonali Phogat death- is it a murder?

well, this is the million doller question right now. Although goa police has started the case of murder but still all points are unclear to them. Sonali’s family members are eligating it to be a murder but there are many points to be cleared up.

All the news information that we have used here are taken from different main stream media. we have not verified the truth of this informations. we have a simple motive to let the information reach you.

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