Earthquake: Taiwan was struck by a devastating earthquake.

Taiwan earth quake

On Sunday, a powerful earthquake jolted a large portion of Taiwan, toppling a three-story building and briefly trapping four people inside, stranding 400 tourists on a mountaintop, and jerking a portion of a passenger train off its tracks. Taiwan’s Emergency Operations Center said that one person had passed away and nine others received minor injuries. … Read more

Twin tower demolition- what is the environmental and health impact, precautions to be

twin tower demolition

by the order of the supreme court twin tower at Nooda was demolished on 28th August. It was the breaking news in all tv news channels. The entire nation was waiting for that particular moment to be the witness. well, twin tower demolition was successfully done. But, the question is whether that was sufficient? Wouldn’t … Read more

Energy crisis in Europe 2022 goes worst  | Europe is terribly suffering from power

Europe’s energy issue is getting worse every day. Winter is coming, gas reserves are running low, and electricity prices are skyrocketing. Gas prices and overall consumption will rise when the temperature drops. However, there is not enough supply in Europe. What then is it doing to address the issue that is growing worse? Cost reduction … Read more

Pakistan flood 2022: Latest update-donation, rescue and UN


Pakistan is still underwater. In reality, according to the official estimate, over 33 million individuals have been affected, and 1365 people have died, including 481 children. People of all ages are currently required to abandon their possessions and leave the inundated areas in order to live inside the relief camp. Damages in Pakistan due to … Read more

What is the real cause of Pakistan flood 2022, what scientists

what causes pakistan flood

Pakistan is dealing with the greatest flood it has seen in a century in 2022. It had alreadyexperienced numerous floods, but the Pakistan flood of 2022 is the deadliest to date. At least 33 million people are homeless as a result of this natural disaster, and more than 1200people have even died. Recent data indicate … Read more

Brilliant! Diamond Rain – Proved to be a real


Could you believe It’s raining diamond? Yes, the imagination comes true. Scientists say not on planet Earth but icy giant planets like Uranus and Neptune. Although the concept of diamond rain is an old concept, this is the first time it has been observed in a laboratory to happen. Recently, the concept is published in … Read more

Pakistan Flood 2022: The one Third is under water : A Lesion to the


Where most of the areas in Europe are under drought alert, china is suffering from a terrible drought, while Pakistan is fighting its worst in-century flood. One-third of Pakistan is submerged in water. At least 33 million people are homeless, more than 1200 people are even killed, and 45 million have been displaced due to … Read more