Pakistan flood 2022: Latest update-donation, rescue and UN

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Pakistan is still underwater. In reality, according to the official estimate, over 33 million individuals have been affected, and 1365 people have died, including 481 children. People of all ages are currently required to abandon their possessions and leave the inundated areas in order to live inside the relief camp.

Damages in Pakistan due to the flood

The last part of the country is still underwater. The worst-affected provinces include Balochistan, Pakhtunkhwa, and Sindh as a result of the country’s main river, the Indus, continuing to overflow. Monsoon flooding is more common in these provinces.

While the duration, frequency, and severity of monsoon rainfall are all increasing due to climate change. In every region of the nation, August saw more rainy days than usual. Instead of the usual two days of rainfall this month, Sindh and Eastern Balochistan experienced 15 and 9 days of rain, respectively. The 9th of August is the wettest day of the month nationwide.

When Padidan in the Sindh province alone recorded 355 millimeters of rainfall.

This year due to heavy rainfall in the country all four provinces are affected, over one million homes have been destroyed, more than seven hundred thousand live stocks have been killed, 240 bridges collapsed 5 lakhs people are displaced.

The losses are estimated to be about 10 billion dollars the Pakistan economist assesses.

Who is helping Pakistan to recover from the devastating flood?

As evidence of Pakistan’s government’s active outreach to international funders and organizations, Antonio Guterres, the secretary general of the United Nations, is scheduled to come to Pakistan today, Friday. He’ll visit there and observe the flooding himself.

These two visits are therefore considered to be of utmost importance because the US AID Administrator will also be in Pakistan. As a result of the effects of the flooding, these two big donors or international organizations will be making future contributions towards rehabilitation efforts.

The UN Secretary General of the United Nation said in his speech, “today it is Pakistan, tomorrow it can be anywhere else”

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