Polio, The Devil Came Back | New York Polio Case 2022-globaltimestoday.com

polio in new york

Polio is returning! An outbreak of polio was declared an emergency in New York. It is unbelievable, but it happened. Let’s talk about New York Polio Case 2022 New York issued a high warning for polio when the industrialized nations of the globe declared themselves to be polio-free. The polio virus was discovered in a … Read more

Maggie Beer Gummy, the weight loss formula does that really work ?globaltimestoday.com

Maggie Beer Gummy, the weight loss formula.

How to lose weight quickly is one of the hardest topics to answer. You might have looked it up on Google as well. All have this question with no perfect answer. Although we don’t know the answer, Maggie’s Beer Gummy Manufacturer does. Today we will discuss the following points. Is the Maggie Beer Weight Loss … Read more

India Developed Cervical Cancer Vaccine: Name, Cost, Age- globaltimestoday.com

india invented cervical cancer vaccine

News of the Day! India developed its own vaccine for cervical cancer. For sisters and daughters from India, I have some exciting news. India made its own cervical cancer vaccine named Tetravalent HPV Vaccine. Serum Institute of India Private Limited, which is supported by the Indian federal government, developed the vaccine in conjunction with the … Read more

Causes of heart attack in young age- The Most Obvious Reasons-globaltimestoday.com

Causes of heart attack in young age

According to our previous concept, heart attacks are common in older adults. But, in 21st century, we found younger adults are more prone to hart attacks than the older adults. At the time of visit to Goa, Sonali Phogat suddenly felt some uneasiness and she was declared dead afetr brought to the St. Anthony Hospital … Read more

Amrita Hospital Faridabad- PM Modi Inaugurated Asia’s Largest Private Hospital-globaltimestoday.com

Today, 24th August, 2022 in Faridabad Haryana, Amrita Hospital Faridabad was inaugurated by PM Modi. It is an excellent initiative to start such an world class private hospital in India to expand the health facilities of our country especially in NCR (National Capital Region). The Presence of Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, Deputy Chief Minister … Read more