Energy crisis in Europe 2022 goes worst  | Europe is terribly suffering from power

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Europe’s energy issue is getting worse every day. Winter is coming, gas reserves are running low, and electricity prices are skyrocketing. Gas prices and overall consumption will rise when the temperature drops. However, there is not enough supply in Europe. What then is it doing to address the issue that is growing worse? Cost reduction is the solution.

Does Europe have an Energy Crisis?

Almost every country in Europe has established new energy-saving goals and restrictions. Take Greece as an example. The public sector has been warned to shut down or face the consequences. What kind of repercussions? The removal of government support for energy farms is the solution.

Reduce air conditioning, keep heaters in good working order, and don’t forget to turn off the lights, advised Greece’s interior minister Makis Voridis. Therefore, there is no energy waste. At midnight, the lights in government buildings are not always left on. We are requesting necessities.

The French government is also making similar moves. Every day as dusk falls, the lights are turned off, the monuments are darkened, and the fountain stops operating. An article from The Guardian provides a glimpse into the scope of the energy issue in Europe. The most popular landmark in the world, the Eiffel Tower, is reportedly turning off its sparkling lights an hour earlier than usual. French people claim that feature appears dismal.

What is Causing Energy Crisis in Europe?

Now that we are aware of the issue, the questions are how bad it could get and if there is a way out. Let’s look for some solutions.
Officials in America are a little concerned about this problem. They don’t see any clear solution in the near future.
According to reports, the White House staff is concerned that Putin intends to make Europe experienced a harsh winter. They think he could at any point stop providing anything. The results would be disastrous.

Putin’s warning will cause a recession in Europe if it is carried out. That’s what the US is afraid of.

According to some reports in American media, Europe may be about to revert to the Middle Ages. Using fire would need heating, weeks of waiting for supplies, and miles of fuel transit. What’s worse is that this crisis won’t be a temporary one.

Analysts anticipate a worsening of the crisis and chronically high inflation.

You can read the tale in the numbers.

A recent survey indicates that the economies of the 19 EU member states that make up the Eurozone would experience a real GDP contraction of 1.7%, with some European countries faring worse than others.

I’ll demonstrate some additional figures now. The same survey predicts a -2.3% decrease in Germany’s GDP growth rate. There will be a 2.1% decline in France and a 1.6% decline in Spain. (Barclays is the data’s source.)

How America is getting Benefitted from Europe’s Energy crisis?

Surprisingly, America benefits from Europe’s pain. Let me elaborate.

Europe will turn more toward the US as their economy deteriorates and they reduce their reliance on Russia. They will be drawn to American farmers and eager for investments from the US.

America already produces enough natural gas, so any restrictions on its flow to Europe won’t have an impact on it. The United States has already made up for the lost Russian gas. According to reports, Europe receives around 70% of American gas exports.

Over 30 billion cubic meters have been shipped into Europe by US farms since March. What is this saying to you? that American companies are benefiting from the conflict in Ukraine. As more European towns go dark and as more Europeans use less electricity, they will depend increasingly on American substitutes.

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