China: Is it in the situation of war?-by

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It is a global question generated: Can China sustain or can’t effort the war? Let’s look into the
the present situation of the Chinese economy, china power cut-factory shut down, and the drought in the context of this question.

There is a severe drought in china, and they might not be in the situation to fund war at this point because
their economy is struggling. Earlier, COVID-19
Let’s see what we found about the present situation in china

Chinese economy is in trouble?

The  wuhan virus covid19 has brought the economic activity grind to a halt. The crisis in the property sector and as well as the natural disaster or man made natural disaster are breaking the back of Chinese economy.

Overall, the international market becomes more complex and severe in July with world economy slowing down and the global inflation remain in high. The domestic epidemic is spreading from various points and it is frequent in many places.

Combined with the high temperature and rain making it more difficult to keep the economy running smoothly.

Investors are in worry investing in china. Leading banks have cut their growth forecast.

American bank Goldman Sachs lowered its 2022 forecast from 3.3% to 3%. China has set a growth target of arround 5.5% this year , forgetting about growth Beijing is looking for recession now.

In this month of July , the chinese economy started to shrink, it contracted by 2.6%

Drought: Is that the killer of Chinese economy?

This year china going through a record drought. There is a drought alert for the entire country. The longest river Yangtze is also under the effect of drought. The water level of the main river Yangtze is at a record low. The heat waves are terrible at this moment.

The heat waves are terrible at this moment. According to the local people they can’t stay without air conditioner. Even the air conditioners are not enough to keep them cool during the day time. The surface temperature sometimes goes beyond 60 degree Celsius.

Why China is shutting down their Industries?

Losing water supply is one thing but the drought has effected china’s hydropower station and they are unable to produce electricity. Half of them in china have been forced to stop work.

The problem of electricity is so terrible that the outdoor advertisements , the subway luighting, building name signs are kept switched off . Factories in Sichuan are already shut. Local officials have ordered a shut down for six days.

Because of the power shortage china is now struggling to keep its factories working. Manufacturers have started to complain. Car maker Tesla have issued warnings. Tesla told the Chinese government that they can’t keep up their production targets. The car makers need power supply to keep their factories running.

Because of the same issues, Toyota car makers have slows its manufacturing. Electronic manufacturer Panasonic has halted its production.

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