Causes of heart attack in young age- The Most Obvious

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According to our previous concept, heart attacks are common in older adults. But, in 21st century, we found younger adults are more prone to hart attacks than the older adults.

At the time of visit to Goa, Sonali Phogat suddenly felt some uneasiness and she was declared dead afetr brought to the St. Anthony Hospital at Anjuna.

Recently, comedian Raju Srivastava was admitted to hospital with heart attack when he was working in a gym. Now, Raju Srivastava is in hospital under the medical supervision.

In January 2021, former captain and BCCI President Sourav Ganguli also had a mild attack of cardiac disease and an immediate angioplasty saved his life.

Not only Sonali , Raju or Ganguli there are many more examples of young aged Indians with sever heart diseases like Rituparno Ghosh (49), Raj Kaushal (49), Vivek Shauq (47) and siddharth Shukla (40)

Causes of heart attack in young aged Indians

Here we are enlisting some Causes of heart attack in young age Indian people.

Resistance training without medical advices could be the Cause of heart attack in young aged people

Now a days exercises are appreciated. But, the Indian young people are going to the gym with out doctors advices. They basically do not check their heart before doing any resistant training like weight lifting etc.

On the other hand, resistance training and weight lifting may increases the thickness of the wall of the heart. Not only that, they also have the un-prescribed supplements and many other muscle growing supplements. Finally they are becoming more prone to heart attack.

So, it is recommended to have a cardiac check up before going to a gym and don’t have any supplements with out doctor’s prescription.

Cholesterol to be the Causes of heart attack in young aged Indians

Young Indian people at the age of twenty, starts depositing negligible amount of cholesterol in their blood vessels. gradually with time the amount of this deposition increases. When the person is going through a stressful life in the later age of the life, some small clots are generated at the place of the already deposited cholesterols.

This may cause blocks and may prevent the blood flow inside the walls of the heart. So cholesterol could be another Causes of heart attack in young age Indians.

Does genetic reasons could be the Cause of heart attack in young aged Indians?

Day by day the chances of heart attack in 20s becoming higher. A healthy life style could prevent or lower the chances of young aged heart attacks. As, this healthy life style could prevent diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension etc, automatically the chances of diabetes becomes less.

A healthy dilate, routine exercises, adequate rests can lowers the chance of all diseases in your life. Obviously the heart disease is one of them.

If we say about the genetic cause, yes , there are some major roles of the genes in happening this disease in Indian youngsters.

Indian people are predisposed genetically to the cardiovascular diseases. and mostly the genes for these diseases are transferred paternally (from the side of father).

When it is said that the gene transmitted disease it does not mean that if your father had heart disease at the age of 55 you may have the disease at the same age. But, the scenario is totally different. The new generation may have the chance of heart diseases 5-10 years earlier that that of old generation when the gene is transferred from father to child and expressed.

The terrible thing in this genetic transmission is that you have very less to do to prevent this cardiovascular disese and you have almost no option to eliminate the chance.

Then the question comes how to avoid heart attack in young age. Let’s talk about that.

Best way to avoid heart attack in young age | how to prevent heart attack?

Dr. Satyajit Basu, chairman of Durgapur Mission Hospital gave some great for ways to avoid heart attack in young age people in his interview for Sarir o Sastha (bortoman patrika).

  • In this 21st century most of the young people are of type A personality. As per Dr. Basu’s observation those who are very ambitious in life and try to complete his (or her) work with most accuracy are more prone to heart diseases. Even though the patient does regular exercise, he could get a heart attack. so basically the people with anxiety and depression are open to cardiac diseases.
  • The doctor advises that to always avoid any quarrel, unwanted or illogical debets, fights etc in your life. If you feel that you are in depression immediately count from zero to ten and start thinking why it is necessary.
  • Avoid refined sugar as much as possible. Have fish, chicken eggs but don’t have the refined sugar.
  • A doctor can only save your life. If there is no symptom, after 40 always do some consultation with cardiologist after every six months.
  • According to doctor’s advise, every day go for walk. If it is difficult, then twenty minutes for five days in a week is an appreciable practice.

Do you know the average age of heart attack in females?

Dr. Prof. Dipankar Mukhopadhyay (Mukherjee), depertment of cardiology, sskm hospital (Kolkata) told that the average age of the heart attacks in females is normally 55 to 65 where as males are with heart attacks mostly found in between 45 to 55.

But, the severity of heart attack is more in females than the males. So, females must be careful in this regards.

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